18 Summer Hair Colors for Brunettes 2020

18 Summer Hair Colors for Brunettes 2020

It’s 2019 and time to take risks. Like this bold trend. Reverse ombré, which gives you a face-framing burst of color, is a request that’s becoming more and more popular. “Unlike the subtle I-let-my-roots-grow-out ombré, this trend is perfect for those who want their color to pop more around their face and add excitement to their ends,” explains celeb stylist to the stars Angela Stevens. She notes this shade is far from subtle, but totally worth it (obvi).

Who says pink can’t look grown-up and sophisticated? Corbett guarantees this mesmerizing shade will keep everyone guessing if your hair is pink, red, or brown? “This shade is for those who love pink but want something cooler and understated. It’s a combination of bright cherry red with a hint of pink,” he says.

Is it possible for a hair color to look appetizing? If so, this apricot shade is it. Corbett says we’ll be seeing a lot of this dazzling hue come spring. He describes it as a slightly saturated color with hints of orange and coral.

Mermaid lives on and remains one of spring’s staple shades. “Fine woven bits of jewel-toned colors fused with natural colors are on the rise,” Stevens says. So take the liberty to experiment with tones. Contrasting jewel colors (shown above) gives this hue an edge in an effortless way, and is healthy for your hair.

Summer is the perfect time for a little highlight because you can keep it up naturally from spending time in the sun! This look weaves several warm shades of highlights through a brunette base for a sunkissed look that will last through every beach trip.

The hair color trend, in which pastel shades are used together, continues at full speed in 2020. You can get great looks by using pink, blue, purple and pastel tones you want.

Of course, if the hair color is dark tones, you need to lighten the hair color before the pastel shades can be seen on your hair. After lightening your hair color, you should not neglect hair care. Hair care is very important to keep hair color bright for a long time!

Pastel colors are among the colors that are preferred in hair colors as well as in clothes. You can spend the season in the best way with pastel hair colors, which include more interesting and unusual colors, as well as colors such as blue, purple and pink. Although there are shades that suit every hair color, it is necessary to gradually lighten the hair in order to show itself better in dark hair. You can enter the summer with more colorful hair by opening your hair color already, a few months to the summer months.


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